Community Jobs Scotland (CJS) programme

Job opportunities for early service leavers (armed forces)

Through our Community Jobs Scotland programme, we are working with third sector employers across Scotland to create a range of jobs for individuals who have left the Armed Forces, either compulsorily or on request, before completing six years service, aged 16—29 who are currently unemployed and not involved in the Work programme or Work Choice.

The jobs will:

Be at least 25 hours per week

Pay between £5.30—£7.20 per hour depending on age (theLiving Wage of £8.25 per hour may apply where it isappropriate to the organisation)

Last for 6 months to 1 year

Give access to approx. £200 for training

The types of jobs will be varied and could include for exampleadmin, care work, warehousing, landscaping, retail, catering andmore!

To ensure the early service leavers that you support do not miss outon these opportunities and to find out more contact:

Danielle Coll, PoppyScotland, 0131 550 1555

Bill Brown, Career Transition Partnership, 07814 050 921

Moira Cuthbertson, SCVO, 0141 559 5034