Covenant Fund Ensures Return of Scottish Schools Hit Performance


The RCET has been awarded nearly £20k from the Armed Forces Community Covenant Fund to fund a return tour of the hugely successful ‘Forces Kids Live’ theatre performance.

In excess of 9000 children and staff in 60 schools are expected to benefit from the 4-6 week long roadshow, which will be commissioned again by the RCET and performed by Hopscotch Theatre Company in this 2016/17 academic year.

The Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly. The RCET has been awarded £19,460 from the Community Integration fund, which seeks to achieve closer integration and understanding between civilian and military communities.

‘Forces Kids Live’ follows the story of Kevin, whose Dad is serving in the Armed Forces and features hard hitting messages highlighting Kevin’s anxieties around his dad’s deployment and the challenges of taking on extra responsibilities at home, while still adjusting to life at a new school.

Matthew Middler, Fundraising Development Manager, RCET, said “This is a significant award which will go a long way to raising awareness of the impact of deployment on some school age pupils and the feelings of isolation they can sometimes experience.”

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “The new fund strategically targets areas of need. Every year, this £10m will go towards worthy projects that fully promote the principles of the Covenant.”


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Picture captions:

PICTURED: L to R, Natalie Clarke (actor, "Georgie"), Shona Robertson (p7, 9yrs), Joe Proctor (actor, "Kevin"), Scott Armstrong (p7, 11yrs) enjoying Forces Kids Live, which was seen by over 4,500 pupils from all over Scotland last year. The play was commissioned the Royal Caledonian Education Trust (RCET) in celebration of its bicentenary and 200 years of providing education support for children of Scottish serving and veteran families in need.

PICTURED: Forces Live 2015 production team L to R, Janis Marshall-Reilly (Director), Natalie Clarke, Moira Leslie (RCET), Chris Alexander and Joe Proctor.