Kiltwalk to benefit vulnerable young people like Jade Scott

One of those to benefit is the Royal Caledonian Education Trust, which is based in Edinburgh, and provides vital grant funding to children from veteran armed forces families who are struggling to make ends meet, and often living with mental health issues, ill health and disability.

The grants help to cover the cost of school clothing, after-school activities, and school trips. The charity also provides educational resources and training to help teachers and other professionals recognise and support children and young people experiencing difficulties in school – particularly due to frequent mobility and during times when a parent is deployed away from home.

Matthew Middler, fundraising manager for RCET, said: “Having a parent in The Armed Forces can be really tough for some children. Forces kids may go to more than four or five schools due to relocation of a serving parent, sometimes to different countries. Making new friends and keeping on top of school work can be tough. For others it can be hard putting on a brave face whilst worrying about mum or dad on deployment.

“At RCET, we support hundreds of children each year and reach hundreds more through research, training and support materials. If you believe no child should be at a disadvantage because their parent has served our country, then come and take on the Kiltwalk in aid of RCET and help us help them.”

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