Scottish Veterans Commissioner Strategy and Work Plan 2015


Purpose of this document

This document describes the role and remit of the Scottish Veterans Commissioner and sets out his strategy, outcomes and functions, as well as the work priorities through which those outcomes will be delivered. In essence, it describes: the “why” (outcomes and functions), the “how” (resources, principles and methodology) and the “what” (work priorities). The role of the Scottish Veterans Commissioner The post of Scottish Veterans Commissioner was established in 2014 by the then Minister for Transport and Veterans, Keith Brown, to help deliver improved outcomes for veterans in Scotland. These were to be achieved by listening to and acting on the experience of veterans themselves, the groups who represent them collectively, and the many public, private and voluntary organisations that provide support. The Scottish Veterans Commissioner is operationally independent of the Scottish Government but has been appointed by Ministers to investigate the impact of devolved policies and public service provision on ex-service personnel. As a result of extensive engagement the Commissioner is to provide impartial advice to Mr Brown as Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities and his Ministerial and Cabinet colleagues, as well as to other public sector leaders, in the form of regular reports and recommendations that help deliver improved services and support. The office of the Commissioner is non-statutory and, as such, carries no formal functions, powers or duties. The core remit has been determined administratively by the Scottish Ministers and set out in a formal letter of appointment. The outcomes described below provide the overarching framework for the Commissioner’s work while the detailed functions, which flow from the letter of appointment, describe how he will deliver those outcomes, conduct his engagement strategy and set his priorities. This will be updated on an annual basis.

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