Veterans' Health & Wellbeing - A Distinctive Scottish Approach

This report looks at the current provision of health and social care for veterans in Scotland. It provides an assessment of where things currently stand and what the future might hold, alongside findings and recommendations aimed at the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and their partners. Its ambition is two-fold: firstly, to see the mainstream and specialist provision for veterans protected and enhanced, especially for those with the most severe and life-changing conditions; and, secondly, to ensure veterans’ healthcare is a properly planned and embedded feature of the new health and social care landscape in Scotland.

The first – and probably key conclusion – is that there is both a need, and a timely opportunity, to rekindle awareness and concern for veterans’ healthcare in Scotland today. A proposal for a distinct Scottish Approach to Veterans’ Health is intended to provide the motivation, agenda and governance structure that will raise the profile of veterans and reinvigorate efforts to provide them with the best possible treatment and care.

At the heart of this proposed approach is an unequivocal emphasis on the small – but vitally important – group of veterans with the most severe and enduring injuries and conditions, caused or exacerbated by military service. The provision of specialist services for these individuals and their changing health and social care requirements should be at the very centre of Scotland’s health system, and should be protected and enhanced for current and future generations.

Full Report here