Veterans Placement and Talent Bank

Bright Green Business are currently advertising two posts for the Veterans Placement Programme – full details of these can be found on their website 

  1. The first is an extension of the Travel Coordinator post, which is now open until 25/2/18. This role is looking for a candidate to analyse business travel within Midlothian Council and encourage sustainable transport alternatives. They are looking for an effective communicator who is able to work independently.

  2. The second placement is an Events and Project Officer, expiring at the end of this week 18/2/18. This role focuses on the development and promotion of the facilities at Vogrie Country Park.  They are looking for an individual with strong organisational skills who is able to liaise with different staff and stakeholders. This role is subject to a PVG check.

These are two great opportunities so please do share this information as widely as possible, we will advertise these through social media as well. Additionally, Bright Green Business are open to Talent Bank idea. If you have a particular client that you are working with and they have an interest in a certain occupational area, they can approach the Council department on their behalf and work to create a placement that matches their skills set.