Whether you are Veterans or not, you may like to know more about how the various stakeholders in the Armed Forces Community work together through the Firm Base initiative.  Those people and organisations supporting Veterans can also find resources here which will be developed further over coming months.


Veterans Scotland Information Guide

This booklet includes details of the Armed Forces and Veterans Champions who have been established across Scotland to ensure that those who are serving and have served are not disadvantaged as a result of their service. It also brings together a wide range of help available to both the Armed Forces Community and those supporting them, the majority of which is available via the Internet. It lists some but not all of the organisations that provide support and advice to the Armed Forces Community. Additional information is available from the Veterans-Assist website.

Poppyscotland - Northern Pathways Guide

A Guide to Services for the Armed Forces Community in the North of Scotland.


Housing Options Scotland

Finding the right home in the right place can be a confusing and stressful experience at any time. It can seem harder when you’re planning to leave the armed forces and facing the uncertainty of transition to civilian life.  Having talked to recent service leavers and their families, Housing Options Scotland have pulled together this information for those who may be thinking of leaving the Armed Forces. We also believe it has relevance to serving personnel and their families too, whatever the stage of your career.  If you are thinking of either buying or renting your first home or if you are confused by the number of incentive schemes to help get on the housing ladder, the booklet contains a lot of useful information.  

Link to Booklet Here >>>>


Scottish Borders Council

The Scottish Border Council have recently re-issued their “Civilian Life in the Scottish Borders” veterans handbook which aims to give information, advice and guidance to veterans and families who live within the Scottish Borders and also those who are looking to settle within the area.  Copies are available from local council offices and are also available via the council website.

(Click here for a PDF copy)

Self-help Guides

There are a number of organisations that produce variety of self-help guides, below are links to the NHS guides and leaflets that may be of help to the wider veterans community and those supporting and assisting them.

NHS Leaflets

These Leaflets cover a range of subjects and are delivered in a number of different formats (i.e. PDF, Video, Audio and British Sign Language)


NHS Scotland Self-help guides


Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT)

FiMT have funded a number of reports recently which look at a wide range of subjects relating to transition from service and the support available.  The link below will navigate you to the various reports that have been produce as a result of this funding.  Click here for the link