Veteran Support

This site is not just for those who have just left the Services.  Veteran support is a whole-life concept in both the public and charitable sectors.  For many of us, our first job doesn’t work out as the right one; help is still available.  A Service-related medical condition may get worse and limit what we can do; you may still be entitled to Compensation or fast-track NHS support.  You may not be handling money matters well; there are people who will help.

In this section and the one entitled Veterans Organisations, we have tried to pull together a broad range of organisations that are committed to providing whole-life support to Veterans.  We hope it is useful.

Veterans UK 

Veterans UK is part of Defence Business Services (DBS) within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and administers the Armed Forces Pension Schemes serving around 900,000 members of the Armed Forces community. It also administers compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service and provides a package of welfare support for veterans via a national Veterans Welfare Service and veterans helpline facility.  

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