Many Veterans will end up with one or two pensions, or three if they are entitled to a War Pension.  This section provides details of all the agencies that can help with pension problems and entitlements.  If you think that you may be entitled to an award under the War Pension or Compensation schemes, the RBLS can help.  The Forces Pension Society is the nearest thing we have to a Union for our pensions; please consider supporting them.  And don’t forget to get and wear your Veterans Badge!

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Veteran's UK- Part of the Ministry of Defence

Veterans UK

"Supporting Services Through Life"

Veterans UK is a tri-service organisation and provides a range of 'through life' support function to Service and ex-Service personnel. These include HR, pay and pension scheme services to the Armed forces, compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through Service, provision of MOD medals and one to one help and advice for veterans with the Veterans Welfare Service.

If you need help or advice follow the link below which takes you to the Veterans UK website or ring the helpline 0808 1914 2 18.

Citizens Advice Bureau Scotland

The advice and information provided by the bureau is highly regarded with decades of experience in delivering a free, independent, confidential and impartial advice and information services to the general public. They provide advice through face-to-face, telephone and email services, and online via our self- help advice on .

The Armed Services Advice Project (ASAP) provides dedicated information, advice and support to members of    the Armed Forces Community in Scotland.

The service is provided by the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau Service, and the funding group is led by Poppyscotland. We work closely with many organisations, both Service related and others, to provide support to the people who contact us.  

Need advice? 

We provide free, confidential, impartial information, advice and support to people who: 

  • are currently serving in the Armed Forces, either Regular or Reserve, or a dependant of someone who is

  • have served in the Armed Forces, either Regular or Reserve, or a dependant of someone who has

  • are members of the Merchant Navy who served in a commercial vessel in support of legally defined UK military operations, or a dependant.

Our advice covers a range of areas, including benefits, debt, employment, relationships and housing.

Get in touch

  • Ask us to call you.  You can use the Get Advice from ASAP form on either of the above websites to send us your contact details, and an adviser will give you a ring back between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday

  • Visit your local bureau.

Department Of Works and Pensions (Central Scotland)

Anne Murdoch - Armed Forces District Champion
Tel: 01698484057 Email:

Hamilton Jobcentre , Cameronian House, Almada Street, Hamilton ML3 0EH

Department Of Works and Pensions (East & South East Scotland)

John Scott - Armed Forces District Champion
Tel: 0131 456 3333 Email:

East & South East Scotland District Office , 11-13 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2BT

Department Of Works and Pensions (North of Scotland)

Ann Dowd - Armed Forces District Champion
Tel: 01463888129 Email:

Inverness Jobcentre , River House, Young STreet, Inverness IV3 5BP

Department Of Works and Pensions (Scotland)

Brian Wallace - Group Partnership Manager - Armed Forces District Champion
Tel: 01416368324 Email:

Work Services Directorate , 8 Coustonholm Road, Glasgow G43 1SS

Department Of Works and Pensions (West of Scotland)

Denise Cochrane - DWP Armed Forces District Champion

Forces Pension Society

David Marsh - Pensions Secretary
Tel: 02078 209988 Email:

68 South Lambeth Road , London SW8 1RL

The Forces Pension Society exists to ensure that serving and retired members of the Armed Forces, their widows, widowers, surviving partners, civil partners and dependants receive the pension to which they are entitled and which they deserve; and that any review of public sector pensions much have regard to the unique nature of military service.

Legion Scotland

Mr Neil Robinson - The Pensions Dept
Tel: 0131 557 2782 Fax: 0131 557 5819

New Haig House , Logie Green Road, Edinburgh EH7 4HR

Legion Scotland assists veterans, service personnel and dependants resident in Scotland with the processing of claims and appeals through provision of advice and representation as applicable in respect of:
War Disablement Pensions (WDP)
War Widows Pensions (WWP)
Supplementary Allowances (SA)
Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)
Service/Preserved Pensions

Veteran Welfare Service

Tel: 0808 1914 2 18

WVS Kentigern House , MP600, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX

The Veterans Welfare Service (VWS) is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Veterans and beneficiaries of pensions (War and Service) and compensation schemes, and all their dependants. It also focuses upon providing support that will enable the seamless transition from Service to Civilian life, assist bereaved families or respond to key life events that present welfare needs.

It gives support and advice in the areas of:

War Disablement pension, Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, DWP Benefits, Housing, Employment Health and Bereavement.

It achieves this by adopting a single central coordinating role that facilitates access to all appropriate services. The VWS provides a caseworker approach that offers professional help and guidance through either telephone contact or a dedicated visiting service. Under the Veterans UK the VWS works in collaborative partnership with the tri-Service, ex-Service charities, statutory and non-statutory bodies, local community service providers and Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee's to deliver a quality welfare service that promotes independence, maintains dignity and provides continuous support through life.

Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee

JPAC Enquiry Centre , Mail Point 465, Kentigern House 65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX

What we do

We advise veterans and their families on their needs, issues and concerns.

Who we are

We are independent statutory bodies established by government. Formerly known as the War Pensions Committees, we advise and liaise with veterans, their families and relevant organisations on their needs, issues and concerns. We assist, raise awareness, act as advocates and provide governance to the veterans’ community, and champion the rights of veterans and their families where there is injustice, inequality or a lack of fairness.

There are 13 VAPCs across the UK. You can contact us using the links below.

If you are unsure which region you belong to and would like to be put in touch with your local VAPC, you can contact the Veterans UK Team.

Veterans UK

Veterans Scotland

Jim Wilson - General Secretary
Tel: 0131 550 1569 Fax: 0131 557 5819 Email:

New Haig House , Logie Green Road, Edinburgh EH7 4HR

Veterans Scotland's aim is to establish cooperation and coordination between Veterans Organisations in Scotland, to act as a focal point for all matters concerning the ex-Service community within Scotland and to represent these matters to Government at all levels.

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