There are a number of organisations and services available to assist with the transition process. 

So much is done for us when we are in the Services; accommodation, meals, healthcare and tax are just a few examples.  It is only when we leave that most of us have to face for the first time problems and issues such as finding a GP, a decent school, a house and a job.  We hope that this section will give you a head start with these and other subjects in assisting you to make a successful transition.

Transition to civilian life

If you in are settling in Scotland after life in the armed forces, these links will provide you with access to the organisations and information that can assist you to find a home, gain employment and settle into civil society, as well as links to sources of help and support that might be needed.

Transition to civilian lifeThe information in this section is grouped into the five major areas that you will need to consider in order to make a successful transition:

  • Employment – Finding the right job and making best use of your skills. 

  • Education – For you and your children 

  • Health – Establishing yourself with a GP, Dentist and other Health issues 

  • Housing – Finding your new home, 

  • Welfare – The additional support you may need.

Scotland - the background

As a place to live and work, Scotland has a huge range of attractions, from the peace and tranquillity of mountain wilderness to the vibrant urban life of cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Opportunities for employment are plentiful and range from traditional crafts, through logistics, construction and retail to cutting edge technology and world class engineering. For families, the Scottish education system is world renowned and the National Health Service first class.

Service Leavers Guides

The service leavers guide offers information and advice prior to and after leaving regular service.

The guide contains information about armed forces pensions, resettlement, reserve liability and support from charitable organisations.

Of particular importance to service leavers is the Pen 1 form which should be completed at the 6 month point prior to your last day of service using the link on your JPA account. If you do not have access to JPA you should compete and return the hardcopy form, no later than 6 months before your last day of service. The completion of the form is a legal requirement and failure to do so will result in a delay of the receipt of any terminal benefits and pension that you are entitled to.  Further information and a copy of the guide is available via the link below:


Career Transition Partnership

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is a partnering agreement between the Ministry of Defence and Right Management Ltd, who are global career development and outplacement specialists and part of the ManpowerGroup. The CTP provides resettlement services for those leaving the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Marines. Regardless of time served, all members of the Armed Forces can benefit from CTP support when leaving Service.

Flexible support is available from two years before discharge, through to two years after, providing Service leavers with the tools needed to approach the civilian job market with confidence and to get the most out of life outside the forces.

From creating a CV through to learning interview skills plus researching and applying for jobs, what the CTP offers can help you not just with your first civilian job, but throughout your working lifetime.

The programme is delivered at nine Resettlement Centres in the UK and one in Germany, along with the Resettlement Training Centre in Aldershot.

The resettlement provision includes face-to face support, online resettlement planning via myPlan, the personalised area of the CTP website, and access to the CTP’s dedicated ex-military job board, CTP RightJob.

Successful resettlement requires clear aims, good job intelligence, effective networking and an intelligent approach to employers. It can also help to acquire extra skills. It’s therefore vital that Service leavers take full advantage of the resources and facilities at their disposal:

  • Workshops and Briefings - the first step for most on the resettlement journey for is the Career Transition Workshop, which enables Service leavers to identify and evaluate those skills and qualities gained during Service. Following this, attendees will create a Personal Resettlement Plan, which will help identify the required steps for achieving each individual’s desired outcome upon leaving the Armed Forces. A range of additional workshops and briefings are available, including Financial Aspects of Resettlement, Housing, Self Employment Awareness, Networking and Interview Techniques.

  • Events - a full programme of employment fairs, company presentations and online events is available to Service leavers, offering networking, research and job-finding opportunities.

  • Vocational Training – the CTP delivers an extensive range of job-related courses providing industry-recognised qualifications and practical skills at Regional Resettlement Centres and the Resettlement Training Centre in Aldershot. Courses are tailored specifically to suit Service leavers’ needs, taking into account the transferable skills and personal qualities of ex-military personnel, as well as including additional content to fill any gaps in commercial knowledge.

  • Online Support - myPlan, the personalised area of the CTP website, enables Service leavers to manage their own resettlement and offers career assessment activities, video library, Interview Simulator, Plotr career matching game, Personal Resettlement Plan, resettlement tracker and checklists.

  • RightJob – RightJob is the CTP’s online job finding service that lists thousands of live vacancies for Service leavers. The CTP works closely with local, national and international employers to source and match suitable job vacancies for Service leavers, and registered users receive regular job alerts based on the preferences listed in their online profile.

To register for resettlement, please make an appointment with your Second Line Service Resettlement Advisor, who will confirm eligibility and refer you to the CTP. For CTP enquiries, please contact us.


More information

To register for resettlement, please make an appointment with your Second Line Service Resettlement Advisor, who will confirm eligibility and refer you to the CTP.

For Job Finding, MyPlan or RightJob assistance: 0121 236 0058

For resettlement enquiries or to book a workshop/briefing: 0203 162 4410

To book or enquire about a CTP training course: 02894 456 200



Head Office Address:
Career Transition Partnership
Right Management
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