Veterans' Organisations

Scotland has over 70 Veterans’ organisations and they are supplemented by many more that operate UK-wide. 

Most Veterans retain an affinity for like-minded people, so we have listed as many Regimental, Service and Campaign Associations as we can, including local branches where possible. 

We have also included all the service charities that might be of use to you.  Many of these are duplicated in other areas of the website for ease of access

Veterans UK 

Veterans UK is part of Defence Business Services (DBS) within the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and administers the Armed Forces Pension Schemes serving around 900,000 members of the Armed Forces community. It also administers compensation payments for those injured or bereaved through service and provides a package of welfare support for veterans via a national Veterans Welfare Service and veterans helpline facility.  In addition to the various services listed above, they are also the point of contact for Veterans Badges.  Anyone who wishes to apply for their veterans badge should follow the links to Veterans UK.

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