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RIFT Social Enterprise: Helping Veterans reclaim £1000s in travel claims

Are you a veteran? Have you seen active service within the last 4 years? Did you travel home whilst you were posted?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, you could well be entitled to reclaim £1000s back in tax relating to your travel whilst you were serving. And we bet that no one even told you!?

RIFT Social Enterprise is a not-for-profit organisation supporting ’hard to reach’ individuals reclaim tax that they have overpaid, support them with getting their tax affairs in order and providing specialised training and on-going support with becoming self-employed. It was established in January 2018, originally focusing on supporting people within the criminal justice sector, however it has recently branched out and now supports anyone who is classed as ‘hard to reach’ under the following criteria:

  • You have a disability
  • You are a carer
  • You have a criminal conviction
  • You have been on benefits for 24 months or longer
  • You are currently homeless
  • You are dependent on drugs or alcohol

Since launching its tax refund service last year, RIFT Social Enterprise has helped nearly 1,000 hard to reach individuals reclaim tax worth over £80,000 with average refunds of £647 secured (with significantly higher amounts for veterans). It currently delivers the tax refund service in 28 prisons across the UK and a number of Probation areas.

The Chief Executive of RIFT Social Enterprise, Andy Gullick, is an ex-Prison Governor who saw first-hand the positive impact funding can have on people on prison immediately prior to their release.

Andy told us: “we found that one in five prisoners was potentially eligible to reclaim tax from their previous employment and a significant number of veterans were also able to reclaim the tax on their travel to and from temporary (less than two years) postings. As these claims could be back-dated for up to 4 years, we were sending cheques to veterans in prison for amounts varying from a few pounds to a few thousand pounds. I saw no reason why we shouldn’t now extend that service out to all veterans, not just those in prison, who meet our criteria to ensure that they receive the money that they are entitled to”.

Research conducted by the RIFT Group suggests that:

69% of veterans were unaware of what expenses they can claim for

82% of veterans said a lack of time and understanding prevented them from claiming themselves

89% of veterans said they do not have time to claim themselves

97% say claiming with RIFT was easy


If you have served within the last four years and you meet RIFT Social Enterprise’s criteria, please email RIFT Social Enterprise at contact@riftse.co.uk and one of their Tax Specialists will get in touch to start your claim. There is no cost to find out if you have a potential claim; RIFT Social Enterprise is run on a charitable basis and only retains a small percentage of any successful refund to cover its costs.