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Veterans Scotland has over 80 Veterans’ organisations and they are supplemented by many more that operate UK-wide.

A list of our current membership is available here

Membership of Veterans Scotland, shall be open to any company, trust, unincorporated association, public authority or other organisation, which shares any of the aims and objects of the company and which is approved by the Executive Committee.

Veterans Scotland Values

New applicants are expected to demonstrate compatibility with the values of Veterans Scotland which are:

  • Support – the principle focus of our activities must be to aid our beneficiaries;
  • Co-operation – embrace every opportunity to collaborate with others, to enhance the support available to our beneficiaries;
  • Innovation – develop new ideas and practices that will add real value to our activities and that have lasting impact on our beneficiaries;
  • Integrity – operate to ensure that we are open and honest, always acting in the best interests of our beneficiaries;
  • Accountability – ensure that our standards of Governance and procedures are fully compliant with best practice.
  • Compliance – guarantee that all our fundraising activities are in line with the current Code of Fundraising Practice, ensuring the good reputation of the Service Charity sector.

Further information regarding membership is available here



Regimental Associations

Additional information and contact details for many other Regimental Associations is available on the Cobseo website here